Dr. Colette Covrig
Dr. Colette Covrig

Once upon a time, lived a girl silly and sweet. She was artistic and crafty and liked things kept neat. She loved to color, bake and play in the sun. Bike, swim, rollerblade, and run.

She grew up in Michigan in the snow and sand. While studying in college she traveled the land: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru Switzerland and France, to name a few.

She valued education and sought a grander challenge. She wanted to serve people and to refine her talents. Off to dental school in California she flew! To Loma Linda University, where the sky’s always blue.

Here she learned dentistry and whole person care and that knowledge and love are meant to be shared. She searched high and low for a team with these values, and she found one, in Yuba City! Where she is very happy to serve you!

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