Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Yuba City, CA

By being mindful of your child’s dental hygiene, their teeth can last them a lifetime. As part of their routine, parents should take their children to visit our dentist in Yuba City, CA for exams and cleanings near you every six months. Here is what parents should expect during a routine examination at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba.

Dental X-rays

Dentists will often start a routine examination of children and adults’ teeth by taking diagnostic images or x-rays. The x-rays allow our dentist to check the progress of children’s teeth and find abnormalities with their growth. For instance, Dentists at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba will be able to tell if a child’s permanent teeth will grow crooked.

Dentists start giving children x-rays at three or four years old, which is about the same age that most parents start taking their children to dentists. After the first x-ray, which is a quick image of their teeth to get them acquainted with the process, they will do them on their regular biannual dental visits or once a year.

Teeth Examination

After our dentists near you finishes studying the x-rays, they will begin examining your child’s teeth. If your son or daughter is pre-school age, you may wish to sit in the dental chair and hold them on your lap if they are anxious. Dentists will scrutinize each tooth to ensure they haven’t sustained damage nor have signs of decay.

They will examine the front, backs, and between teeth and take note of the areas where there are plaque and tartar to remove before tooth decay can develop. They will also check the growth progress of the child’s teeth to ensure they are growing straight and both the tooth and jaw alignments are correct.

Teeth Cleaning

Once dentists at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba examines their teeth and speaks to the parents about what they spotted, they will next clean their child’s teeth. With younger children, a routine cleaning should be sufficient to remove any plaque and tartar on their teeth. As kids get older, they may need deep cleanings to get rid of excess plaque or tartar or get fluoride treatments to keep their teeth healthy.

If your children are ready for their first exams and cleanings in Yuba City, CA, contact Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba to make an appointment for this routine service to maintain their healthy smiles.