Special Health Care

Special Health Care in Yuba City, CA

Everyone wants their children to have the highest quality dental care. We are proud to be able to serve all kids regardless of their special needs. Our Special Health Care department works to find solutions and treatment options for kids with different ability levels. Worrying about your child is natural, but all kids need a dentist they can trust and that the parents feel good about going to

Our staff is all trained not only in pediatric dentistry but have had months of extra training to deal with kids with special needs and health concerns that may affect their visit to the dentist. We want to ensure all children visiting us are happy and healthy.

How We Help

Special needs children deserve extra care and attention, and that’s where it starts with us. We work with parents to determine their child’s specific challenges, and then we can devise a plan to help them get dental care while considering their needs. We always want to ensure the child and the parent are comfortable before we begin any procedures.

We have accommodations for physical disabilities, and breathing and lung problems, as well. We can work with patients or caregivers to provide for medical needs, and our staff knows how to deal with patients on the autism spectrum and those with down syndrome and other developmental disorders.

We also have the latest technology to calm children with special needs during treatment. This includes using pain-free dentistry techniques to make treatments and procedures as easy on the child as possible. When necessary, we also have child-safe sedation that will make it so that the child doesn’t have to feel nervous or anxious while being treated, we can keep them calm or put them to sleep if needed, and they can still get the care they need without the parents having to worry. Let your child get quality dental care; visit us today.

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