Tooth Extraction in Yuba City, CA

Although techniques for extractions are similar for adults and children, the reasons for them can be different. While our dentists at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba may extract teeth because of decay or damage from traumas, a child may need teeth removed to make way for permanent ones or braces.

Reasons to Extract Children’s Teeth

Eating and drinking sugary snacks and not brushing or flossing every day can lead to tooth decay that can destroy teeth. Sometimes, the damage is too severe for a root canal to repair, and the tooth requires removal. Here are other reasons for extracting teeth.


If your child has a small mouth or extra teeth erupt, they can cause their permanent teeth to grow crooked or overlap. Our dentists in Yuba City, CA will need to remove the extra teeth so that others have space to grow. Overcrowding may also be an issue if your child is getting braces. If a tooth overlaps as the braces tighten, then extracting it may be necessary for the braces to fit correctly.

Damage in Traumas

Dentists at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba will examine your child’s tooth after they’ve been in an accident and they suffered an impact on their mouth or a tooth. If the tooth broke at the root or is irreparable, then an extraction will take place.

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes a child will have teeth that cannot emerge because others are already in the space. This condition is known as impacted teeth, which is common with wisdom teeth. However, it can happen with other teeth as well.

If this situation happens, our dentists near you may do a surgical extraction rather than a simple one. Teeth that require surgical extractions in Yuba City, CA may occur in our offices, or your child may need to spend the night in the hospital if the dentists use general anesthesia.

If you think your child requires extractions near you, book an appointment to consult with dentists at Feather River Kids Dentistry at Yuba. They can examine the child’s teeth, study x-rays, and design a treatment plan to remove teeth to save their smile. Give us a call today if you have any questions!

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